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…communications is possible now based on the latest researches on new methods of signal processing. Several new technologies, which use Wavelets Theory and Filter Banks, novel single carrier and multicarrier modulations, like SC-FDMA, SC-OFDM, and our property technologies, can be implemented thanks to the modern level of development of integrated circuits.

     Today there are many different standards on terrestrial broadcasting DVB-T, DVB-T2, ATSC, ISBT,  satellite broadcasting DVB-S, DVB-S2, cable TV, VSAT, return satellite channels DVB-RS, mobile satellite DVB-SH, DVB-NGH. All these technologies can be implemented based on the same blocks and thanks to our technologies all single channel modulation standards and OFDM-based standards can be realized by FFT and IFFT cores and similar algorithms.

    Guarneri Communications is a fabless semiconductor company that shall develop, produce and provide marketing of universal VLSI, which can be programmed to operate in accordance with most existing and future broadband communications standards.


 What we do



    We are working on our proprietary SC-WFMT and SCMT technologies that have significant advantages over OFDM and SC-FDMA technologies. The SC-WFMT technology is based on the Wavelet Theory. Especially this technology is suited for transmission an information data in fading channels.  The SCMT technology is developed for terrestrial and satellite TV broadcasting and includes the SC-WFMT core and special synchronization circuits and algorithms, which provides full backward compatibility with existing ATSC A/53 and A/153 standards and DVB-S, DVB-S standards.

   Our engineers are now developing the first FPAG prototype. This prototype implements the physical layer of the future ATSC-3.0 standard and is based on our proprietary SCMT technology. We are planning to demonstrate a working prototype of this FPGA by the end of 2013.


Bartolomeo Giuseppe Antonio Guarneri (21 August 1698 - 17 October 1744)

b7d2be4f-5ee5-4f67-9d3a-de8689b297bc was an Italian Luther from Guarneri house of Cremona in Italy. He rivals Antonio Stradivari (1644- 1737) with regards to the respect and reverence accorded his instruments, and he has been called the finest violin maker of the Amati line. Instruments made by Guarneri are often referred to as Josephs or Del Gesus.

Giuseppe is known as Del Gesu (literally 'of Jesus') because his labels incorporated the numina sacra I H S (iota-eta-sigma) and a Roman Cross. His instruments diverted significantly from family tradition, becoming uniquely his own style. They are considered second in quality onto to those of Stradivari but are also claimed by some to be superior. Guarneri violins often have a darker, more robust, more sonorous tone than Stradivari's.